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SCOM 2012 provides infrastructure monitoring that is flexible and cost-effective, helps ensure the predictable performance and availability of vital applications, and offers comprehensive monitoring for your datacenter and cloud, both private and public. Gotrainings  offers the best Scom 2012 Online course From Hyderabad ,with the IT industry specialists. As our trainers are experienced certified trainers will share their experience, tips and tricks in the SCOM 2012 Online course. We are also providing other technologies like Microsoft Azure Online Training.

SCOM 2012 Course Content



Module 1: Introduction to System Center 2012 Operations Manager


  • History and Evolution of System Center
  • System Center 2012 Product Suite
  • System Center 2012 Licensing
  • System Center 2012 Operations Manager



Module 2: Plan an Operations Manager 2012 Deployment



  • Defining the Operations Manager 2012 Core Components
  • Designing for High Availability
  • Defining Core Hardware and Software Requirements



Module 3: Deploy Operations Manager 2012



  • Reviewing Environmental Prerequisites
  • Installing Operations Manager 2012
  • Verifying Operations Manager 2012 Installation and Additional Configuration
  • Creating and Using Run As Accounts
  • Implementing Active Directory Integration
  • Designing and Implementing Role-Based Administration


Module 4: Deploy the Operations Manager 2012 Agent



  • Reviewing the Operations Manger 2012 Agent
  • Deploying the Operations Manager 2012 Agent
  • Introducing Agent Failover


Module 5: Deployment and Administration of Monitoring (Management) Packs



  • Introducing Monitoring (Management) Packs
  • Understanding Most Commonly Used Monitoring (Management) Packs
  • Modifying and Expanding Monitoring (Management) Packs: Overrides
  • Monitoring (Management) Pack Administration Best Practices


Module 6: Tune Monitoring (Management) Packs


  • Introducing Alerts
  • Tuning a Monitoring (Management) Pack
  • Using Operations Manager Baseline Monitors and Rules
  • Documenting Changes to Monitoring (Management) Packs


Module 7: Monitor Administration


  • Exploring the Operations Console – Monitoring Pane
  • Administering Alerts
  • Exploring Agent-Based Monitoring
  • Customizing the Monitoring Pane


Module 8: Advanced Monitoring


  • Monitoring Network Devices
  • Monitoring .NET-Based Applications
  • Expanding Operations Manager 2012 Monitoring



Module 9: Reports


  • Using Operations Manager 2012 Reporting
  • Administering Reports
  • Customizing Reports


Module 10: Notifications and Operations Manager 2012 Maintenance



  • Introducing Alert Notifications
  • Designing Maintenance and Disaster Recovery



Module 11:End to End Service monitoring


  • Management Pack Templates
  • Distributed Application Models
  • Global Service Monitor



Module 12: Scorecards, Dashboards, and Reporting


  • Configuring Service Level Tracking
  • Dashboards and Widgets
  • Creating Custom Dashboards



Module 13:Configuring Audit Collection Services

  • How to configure ACS
  • What are the different components in ACS
  • Installation of ACS for Windows
  • Enabling ACS agent
  • Reports in ACS



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