SAP QM Online Training


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The main purpose of SAP QM is, with the functions of the Quality Management (QM) module, you can implement the most important elements of a QM system, as specified in ISO 9000.



SAP QM Online Training  Course Content 






  1. SAP Overview


  • my SAP Business Suite
  • Navigation (system handling)
  • Quality Management Overview


  1. Master Data: 


  • Organizational Structure
  • Material Master – Activation of QM view
  • Master Inspection characteristics – Qualitative & Quantitative
  • Sampling Procedure, Sampling Scheme
  • Codes and Code Groups
  • Catalogue, Selected set, Catalog Profile
  • Inspection Method


  1. Planning & Execution


  • Inspection plan
  • Material Specification
  • Creation of inspection lot ( Automatic and Manual )
  • Results Recording
  • Usage Decision and Stock Posting
  • Inspection type


  1. Quality Management in Procurement


  • Goods receipt inspection against Purchase Order
  • Goods receipt inspection without Purchase Order
  • Inspection during Stock transfer from Storage location to Storage Location
  • Inspection during Stock transfer from Plant to Plant
  • Controls in Procurement
  • QM info record
  • Source Inspection


  1. Quality Management in Production 


  • In process inspection for Production Order
  • In process inspection for Production Order with Inspection Points.
  • Goods Receipt Inspection after Production


  1. Quality Management in Sales and Distribution


  • Inspection during delivery
  • Inspection during customer returns


  1. Inspection with Physical Samples


  • Types of physical samples
  • Sample Drawing Procedure
  • Inspection lot processing for physical samples


  1. Calibration Inspection


  • Test equipment Management
  • Process flow of calibration inspection


  1. Quality Management with Batches


  • Automatic Batch Valuation with QM
  • Recurring inspection


  1. Quality Certificates


  • Certificate Profile creation
  • Certificate Printing


  1. Quality Control


  • Statistical Process Control
  • Control charts


  1. Quality Notifications


  • Quality Notifications in the Logistics Supply Chain
  • Record and process notifications in the system
  • Defect notification processing



  1. Stability Studies (1 hr)


  • Objects in the Stability Study
  • Stability Study Process Flow


  1. Important Configuration and Integration with other modules


  • Configuration steps involved in QM
  • QM integration with MM, PP, PM and SD modules


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