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Go Training’s offers the best MySql DBA Online Training Course is designed by IT Professionals with the IT Industry Specialists as our trainers are experienced and certified trainers. They share their experience, tips and tricks in the Mysql DBA Online Training course. We are also delighted to be one of the best leading IT online training with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies.


MySQL DBA  is an open source relational database that is free for most uses. It has wide platform support and can be quickly deployed. MySQL DBAhas become a standard for small and medium sized organizations, as it is affordable, reliable, and fast.



MySQL DBA Training Course Content




Introducing MySQL


  • Understand what a relational database is
  • Compare MySQL with other relational databases
  • Understand the role of MySQL in industry


Database Design


  • Understand data structure and entities
  • Be able to model data and build relationships
  • Know how to normalize a database


Installing MySQL


  • Understand the MySQL open source license
  • Be able to troubleshoot common installation issues
  • Learn how to use the MySQL command line
  • Effectively use MySQL security


MySQL Specific Syntax


  • Be able to use column types effectively
  • Know how to use special commands to effciently use MySQL
  • Be able to pinpoint problems and understand performance tuning


Database Application Architecture


  • Understand basic client/server and 3-tier architectures
  • Understand concepts of data processing
  • Understand object/relational modeling for MySQL
  • Design an application model


Basics of Database Programming for MySQL


  • Identify languages that support MySQL
  • Understand the CGI specification
  • Know how to initiate and terminate a database connection
  • Create simple dynamically generated HTML




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