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Application packaging is a process of binding the relevant files and components to build a customized application for a customer. Using tools like Wise Package Studio and Install Shield we carry out the whole process of packaging.



Application Packaging Training Course Content



What is Application Packaging / repackaging?

Basic Knowledge of Windows Operating system?

Application Packaging Minimum Hardware & Software Requirements.


• XP Operating System SP2.
• Install-Shield Studio 2008 to 2012.
• Pre Installation Steps.
• Post Installation Steps.


Client Application Pre-Validation Analysis.

Admin Studio Tools.

Re-Packaging Tools.



Install-Shield 2008 to 2012.

Working With MSI Tables.

Working With Transforms (.MST).

Working with Application Installation User Interface Wizard Customizations.



Working with Active Setup.

Working with Install-shield Silent Setup or Response File Creation.

Working With Custom Actions and Sequences.



Working with Add-Ins.

Working with Customization Products.

Installation Process of Packaged Application.

Command Line Installations.
• MSIEXEC Switches.
• Transforms Installations.
• Patch File Installations.


Working with MSI Features.



Working with in initial Level of Troubleshooting.
How Does Self-Healing Mechanization work?
• Discovery of Self-Healing Component.
• Salvation of Self-Healing mechanization
• How can we Differenciate Features & Components.
• Working with Features.
• Working with Components.


Working With Merge Modules.

Working With ODBC Data Source Administrator.

Testing of Packaged Application.



Working with Vendor Application Tasks.

• Working with ALLUSERS Property.
• Working with ROOTDRIVE.
• Working with INSTALLLEVEL.
• Working with REBOOT.
• Working with Accept License Agreement.
• Working with EULA Accept.


Working with Troubleshooting Tools.

• Few ICE Errors Salvation.
• Working with Orca for Validation.
• Working with Filemon.
• Working with Regmon.
• Working with Process Monitor.


Overview of Wise Script & VB Scripting.

Working with Complex Applications.


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