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App-V Advanced
  • Integration of PowerShell within the App-V Infrastructure
  • Advanced App-V sequencing and scripting techniques
  • Working with Dynamic Configuration XML files
  • Distributing and Testing Packages using different XML files using SCCM 2012
  • Managing Virtual Applications using Powershell
  • Troubleshooting Microsoft App-V

Microsoft Application Virtualization ( APP-V ) it Contains 3 Key Components.



Over view of Application Virtualization App-V 5.0  


  • Application Virtualization Overview
  • Application Virtualization Concept
  • The role of the client
  • The role of the Sequencer
  • The role of the management server

Planning and Installing the Microsoft Application Virtualization  


  • Overview of App-V Installation.


Application Virtualization Management Server 


  • Overview of the Application Virtualization Management Console
  • Publishing Applications into the Application Virtualization Environment
  • Modifying Published Applications and Configuring Version Upgrades
  • Performing Management tasks.


Planning and Installing the Microsoft Application Virtualization Client


  • Planning the Application Virtualization Client Deployment
  • Installing and Configuring the App-V Client
  • Managing Client Configuration Features using PowerShell V3.


Planning and Deploying the Application Virtualization Sequencer.


  • Overview of the Application Virtualization Sequencer
  • Planning the Sequencer Environment
  • Installing and Configuring the Application Virtualization Sequencer
  • Sequencing Applications for Virtualization


    Advanced Sequencing.


  • Upgrading Existing Packages
  • Advanced Package Options
  • Sequencing a Web-based Application
  • Standalone Packages
  • Scripting


 Migrating from Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 to 5.0.


                   App V Online Training Course Content

  • Overview of the Migration Strategies.
  • Preparing the environment, prerequisites and best practices.
  • Configuring co-existence.
  • Converting Packages using PowerShell.
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